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Math League

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Math League Information

What is Math League?

  • The Exeter Math Club Competition is a middle-school mathematics competition held annually at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire.
  • EMCC provides middle schoolers an event where they can join like-minded peers from a mathematical community spanning the globe.
  • Teams consist of up to four people, so individuals will be combined into teams of four unless specifically requested otherwise.

Syllabus & Schedule

  • Including but not limited to
  • - Arithmetic and Logic
    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Number Theory
    - Counting and Probability
  • EMCC this year will be held on the following days (online) :
  • January 29, 2022

Criteria & Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below. Refer to the official Math League website for more information.
Criteria to Qualify
There are no prerequisites to participate in this competition.

Please note, however, this is a competition students who are at most in the 8th grade.
Individual Rounds
Team Round
Guts Round

More Information About Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below.

Individual Rounds

The individual rounds consist of two parts, taken one after another. The first part, the Speed Round, has 20 questions, each worth 3 points, in 25 minutes, emphasizing speed.

The second part, the Accuracy Round, has 10 questions, each worth 9 points, in 45 minutes, emphasizing accuracy in problem solving.

Each student's individual score is added to their team's score.

Team Round

The Team Round is a 60 minute round where everybody on the team can work together to solve 15 questions, each worth 20 points.

The questions will mostly be unrelated to each other, but some of them may be strung together by a common theme.

Guts Round

The Guts Round is a live round consisting of 24 questions in 75 minutes. The questions are given to the teams in sets of three.

The team then works together for as long as they need (within the 75 minute time limit) to solve these three problems. When they're ready, the runner drops off their answers at a scoring table, where they will receive the next set of three problems. The point value for each problem increases between each set of three.

For more information, refer to

Results for Math League

Random Math students excel at Math League
  • Random Math had 51 students place top 10 in multiple contest events.
  • 5 Random Math Teams also placed in the top three of their respective categories, with 3 teams winning first place in their categories.
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