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Berkeley mini Math Tournament

Registration for the 2023 Berkeley mini Math Tournament is open!

Date: April 15, 2023
Where: In-person on UC Berkeley Campus

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BmMT Information

What is BMMT?

  • The Berkeley mini Math Tournament tournament aims to instill an appreciation for mathematics in teams of advanced elementary or middle school students and to prepare them for future mathematical endeavors.
  • For competitions, the maximum number of students is 5 per team.
  • Please note: It is in your interest to maximize the number of people on a team. Teams that have less than the maximum number of people will receive scores of 0 on any missing individual rounds.

Syllabus & Schedule

  • Including but not limited to
  • - Arithmetic and Logic
    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Number Theory
    - Counting and Probability
  • BmMT 2023 will be held in-person at UC Berkeley Campus:
  • April 15, 2023
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Criteria & Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below. Refer to the official BmMT website for more information.
Criteria to Qualify
There are no prerequisites to participate in this competition.

Please note, however, this is a competition for elementary and middle school students.
Puzzle Round - 75 min
Individual Round - 60 min
Team Round - 60 min
Relay Round - 40 min
Tiebreaker round for the top scoring students - 15 min

More Information About Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below.

Puzzle Round

The puzzle round consists of a variety of mathematical challenges designed to promote inductive reasoning and lateral thinking. The team’s performance on this round contributes 20% to the overall team score.

The specific skills and techniques requisite for the puzzle round will be kept secret until the day of the tournament, and as such, no example problems will be provided. However you can look at the archive for examples from previous years.

The puzzle round will take 75 minutes to complete and the students can collaborate with each other.

More information on the logistics of each contest round is available at

Individual Round

The Individual Round is 20 Questions for 60 minutes.. This round contributes 40% towards the team score.
Students are not allowed to collaborate on this round.
More details on the logistics is available at

Tiebreaker Round

Tiebreaker round will be held for top scoring students in the individual round.

Tiebreaker qualifiers will be announced at the end of the Relay Round, and will be a 15-minute test. The test will consist of three questions, and be scored primarily on correctness and secondarily on submission time; that is, an earlier submission will be worth more than a later one with the same number of correct answers, but less than a later one with more correct answers

Relay Round

The relay round consists of 20 problems across various subjects in math. The key feature of this round is that some questions may depend on answers from one or multiple prior questions.

Team Round

This round will contribute 30% to the overall team score.

The team round consists of 20 short answer questions. Students may work with their teams on these questions.


Individual: To calculate individual score,  the average of every team member's score on their individual portion if the team has 3, 4, or 5 members is taken. If the team has less than 3 members, we will add 0's until the team has reached at least 3 scores, of which we will take the average. In total, this will account for 40% of the score.

Team round will account for 30% of the overall score.

Puzzle round will account for 20% of the overall score.

Relay round will account for 10% of the overall score.

All scores for a given round will be normalized by either the top 10 or the top 10% of scores, whichever is bigger.

Results for BMT

Random Math students excelled at the high school version of this tournament (BMT) held in 2021
  • Random Math had 7 students place top 10 in individual awards and had 13 students perform in the top 20% (distinguished honor roll)
  • 2 Random Math teams placed in the top 4 for team awards, and a Random Math team took home 1st place for overall.
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