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Caltech Math Meet (formerly CHMMC)

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AIME 2024 Problems and Solutions are available on our AIME page

CMM Information

What is CMM?

  • CMM, formerly known as CHMMC, is the Caltech Math Meet, similar to other math tournaments at universities.
  • The contest was recently held in-person on January 27, 2024.
  • For more information, refer to

Syllabus & Schedule

  • Including but not limited to
  • - Arithmetic and Logic
    - Algebra
    - Geometry
    - Number Theory
    - Counting and Probability
  • CMM in the 2024-2025 year will be held on the following days (in-person):
  • TBA

Criteria & Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below. Refer to the official CHMMC website for more information.
Criteria to Qualify
There are no prerequisites to participate in this competition.

Please note, however, this is a competition for high school students.
Group Round*
Individual Round
Tiebreaker Round

*Note: there is no Power Round this year

More Information About Format

The format of the test consists of several competition rounds outlined below.

The Group Round

The group round will last for 90 minutes. The test will have two parts: a short answer part (called the team round) and a proof round. The parts will be weighted 40% Team, 60% Proof. Teams will be able to work on the two parts simultaneously.

The team round will have ten questions with integer answers. In the team round, teams will not need to justify their answers. To get full credit, they will need only to submit the correct answer.

The proof round will have several proof-based questions, with point values labelled over each question. The teams must justify their answers correctly to earn full credit, although incomplete solutions may earn partial credit. Problems will range in difficulty from simpler exercises to USAMO/IMO leveled Olympiad problems.

(Note: there is no "Power Round" this year)

Individual Round

Held live on Zoom, the Individual Round is 15 Questions for 60 minutes.

Each question is worth 2 points each with numeric or algebraic answers. Like in the short answer part of the team round, students will not need to justify their answers to the individual round questions.

Tiebreaker Round

The tiebreaker round will be similar to the ARML tiebreaker round.

The top students with the same score on the individual round will be given a question to be solved in five minutes. The students will be able to submit an answer only once, and will be ranked according to the time when they submit a correct answer.

For more information, refer to


An individual's score will be their score on the individual round. If ties must be broken to determine the ranks of the top students, the tiebreaker round will be used.

A team's score will be the sum of its group round score and the individual round scores of its members. The rounds are weighted so that the sum of the individual round scores is worth as much as the group round score.

If two teams are tied, the following criteria will be used, in order, until a winner can be determined: Highest group round score. Highest power question score. The highest-numbered question on the team round answered correctly by one tied team but incorrectly by another.

In the unlikely event that two teams are still tied, a tie breaking procedure similar to the tiebreak round may be used.

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