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How to use the search tool

Welcome to Random Math's search tool for historical results of Math competitions such as AMC 10 and AMC 12! We created this tool to allow ourselves to answer questions that our students ask frequently. It was such a hit with our students that we realized it might be helpful to the broader competitive math community; so we decided to make it public and free to use. 

The tool aggregates results data for math competitions and allows you to look at various cuts of it easily. Here is how to use the tool:
Step1: Please choose the search criteria using the drop down menu. You can choose any subset of filters - there are no "required" filters. However, please remember that the Awards filter only gets active if you choose the competition name (since Awards are specific to the competition)
Step2: Please click the "Submit" button and see the results. The results are sortable - just click on the column name.
Step3: You can then choose more or different filters by going back to Step 1 to further evolve the results. That's it! 

Some common use cases we saw when our own students used the tool:
-Searching by School Name to see the list of awardees for their own and other schools
-Searching by City to see how cities did versus others
-Searching by Student Name to see their results across competitions and years
-Searching by Score to see the students who scored in a certain way (e.g., above149 for AMC 12 in 2021)

Please reach out to us at if you have any suggestions on further evolving this Math Competition Historical Results search tool. This tool was built as a resource for the competitive math community (you!), so we'd love to hear from you about it!

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