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Our Programs

An assessment is required to attend any of the following programs.

Competitive Math Programs

The Competitive Math Program runs for the entirety of the academic year and prepares students for National Level Contests.  Programs are available online and at Random Math locations.

Program Information

Prepare to Excel in contests like AMC 8, AMC10/12, HMMT, MOEMS, etc.
Academic Calendar
In Person
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Our Competitive Math Program is available at 12 Levels and students are placed in levels based on their skills and specific goals.

Students are evaluated based on assessment results and promoted through levels as they progress.


Prepare to Excel in National Level Contests like AMC 8-12, HMMT, MOEMS, etc.
Academic Calendar
In Person
Classes are currently held online and at the Cupertino Random Math center.
Duration: 2 hours, 1 day / week
Additional weekly 2 hour practice sessions are available via the Accelerator Program

Fees and Policy

Prepare to Excel in National Level Contests like AMC 8-12, HMMT, MOEMS, etc.
Academic Calendar
In Person
Program Fees:
Classes Only: $1495
Accelerator Session Only: $895
Class + Accelerator: $1960
need based
financial aid available
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Specialized Math Programs

During the academic year, Random Math holds programs to help students develop strong advanced math skills and cruise through school curricula. Programs are available online and at all Random Math locations

Cover Advanced Math
Topics and Fundamentals

Cultivate a diverse mathematical skill set through personalized practice & discussion
Academic Calendar
In Person
Intermediate Algebra
Syllabus: Quadratics, inequalities, exponents & logarithms, complex numbers, and more
Precalculus Honors
Syllabus: Trigonometric functions and identities, parametrization, limits & continuity, and more
AP Calculus AB
Syllabus: Limits & continuity, differential equations, area & volume between curves, and more
AP Calculus BC
Syllabus: Applications of differentiation and integration, sequences & series, polar coordinates, and more
Syllabus: Trigonometric functions, law of sines, law of cosines, half-angles & double angles, and more


Cultivate a diverse mathematical skill set through personalized practice & discussion
Academic Calendar
In Person
The classes are currently held Online
Duration: 2 hours
Saturday, Sunday
Additional weekly 2 hour Practice Sessions with Accelerator Program

Fees and Policy

Cultivate a diverse mathematical skill set through personalized practice & discussion 
Academic Calendar
In Person
Program Fees:
Specialized Classes: $1600
need based
financial aid available
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Online and In-person Summer Camps

Hone problem solving skills, develop analytic thinking and logic, cultivate a passion for mathematics, and most importantly, have fun.

Four Challenging Camps

Explore Math in ways beyond school curricula and develop competition fundamentals
Placements Based on Skill and not just based on grade
Our summer camps run from June 12th to August 11th. Each topical camp has 7 distinct levels. Placements is based on student skill level, not grade level.
Camp Lambda
Number Theory
June 12 - June 16
1 week
camp Omega
June 19 - June 30
2 weeks
camp Theta
July 10 - July 28
3 weeks
camp Epsilon
July 31- Aug 11
2 weeks
See Summer Camps

Accelerator Program

Random Math Accelerator Programs provide an additional boost to students preparing for contests like Math League, MathCounts, AMC 8, AMC 10 and AIME.

Contest Math Accelerators

Random Math Accelerator programs emphasize hands-on practice, followed by key questions and concepts.
Academic Calendar + Summer
In Person
Our Accelerators:
Goal: help students boost their performance on math contests through specific practice
Each accelerator is specifically designed for each specific math contest.
Goal: help students practice the  concepts necessary to excel in competitive math
The General Practice accelerator program is complementary to Random Math courses.

Fees & Policy

Program fees are detailed below. Discounts will be applied after payment. Financial aid may be available upon request
Programs are named by their level and program number.
Example: The M-1 program stands for Middle School - 1st Program
  • Registration: $100
  • Classes Only: $1495
    Accelerator Session Only: $895
    Class + Practice Session: $1960
  • If your child is unsatisfied with this particular program, he or she is allowed to leave, and a refund will be made.
  • Please contact us for any questions.
  • Students who registered for the Random Math 2022 Summer Camp may be eligible for a 5% discount for each full week of summer camp attended.
  • Students who have registered for 8 weeks of Random Math program may be eligible for an additional 10% discount.
  • These discounts are available until the end of December 2022.
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"TOGETHER" Program

Random Math's "TOGETHER" program creates a collaborative environment for students to leapfrog their learning by solving otherwise impossible problems with others.


Random Math's "TOGETHER" program emphasizes improving math skills and learning new strategies in a collaborative environment. They will also have the opportunity to represent Random Math at several contests across the nation.
Random Math has won several team competitions, including 1st place at the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.

We attribute our teams' success to the synergy between members and our culture of collaboration.

This program will be a valuable addition to students' learning experience and will help them achieve even greater success in their future math endeavors.
Students will practice working together to solve otherwise impossibly challenging problems.

They will participate in a variety of team-based rounds of four different levels, learning new strategies along the way.

Our top tournament performers will also help coach students regarding common pitfalls, valuable tips and tricks, and effective communication skills.

Fees & Policy

Below are details about the fees for the program. Note that this includes funding provided by Random Math for in-person contest travel.
  • Yearly Fee: $2000

    This includes 20 bi-weekly sessions that are each 3 hours long.

    It also includes contest funding (see appropriate section for details).
  • If your child is unsatisfied with this particular program, he or she is allowed to leave, and a prorated refund will be made.

    Please contact us for any questions.
Contest Funding
  • "TOGETHER" program students who participate in contests through Random Math will receive the following benefits:
    • 50% off airfare
    • Full expenses covered for lodging
    • Full expenses covered for transportation
All bookings will be done by Random Math. This will be done for a maximum of three tournaments a year per student.

All decisions on team formation will be made by the coaches.


SVMT Scholarships
Top 10 students from each of the following divisions:
  • M1 (Grades 5-6)
  • M2 (Grades 7-8)
  • S1 (Grades 9-10)
  • S2 (Grades 11-12)
in SVMT will be awarded with 80% scholarship.

Students ranked 10-20 will be awarded 50% scholarship ($1000) to be applied strictly to this program only.
USA(J)MO Scholarships
Students in Grade 9 - 12 will qualify for a full-ride scholarship if they meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Qualifying for USAMO at least once
  • Qualifying for USAJMO and earning the Honor Roll
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Financial Aid Program

It’s our goal to not let any talented kids not reach their potential due to lack of funds. Learn more about our need based financial aid program.

Need Based Financial Aid Available by

Donate to help students reach their potential
We will match donations you make
Apply after the assessment process while signing up for programs
Money raised is used to pay tuition & books for these students.
We have set aside $100k to match donations made to help students.
Our goal is to raise enough to support 50 talented kids in need this year.

Need Based Financial Aid Available by

Apply after the assessment when signing up for programs
Take an assessment and get placed in a program.
Provide us with your W2 form via email.
We'll inform you of you eligibility and how much.
Reach out to us at

Need Based Financial Aid Available by

Need based financial aid for our exceptional students
If your household income is <$75K, you are eligible for financial aid.

If it is <$50K, you are eligible for a full scholarship.
Family Earning | Financial Aid
  • > $100,000 | n%
  • > $100,000 | n%
  • > $100,000 | n%
  • > $100,000 | n%
  • > $100,000 | n%
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip
Please contact us at for current information about out policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register my child for more than one program?

Yes, students may attend more than one program concurrently. However, when registering, be sure to check that the program schedules do not overlap or conflict.

When and where are  classes for each program held?

The classes are currently held online and at the Cupertino Random Math center.

The classes are held on weekends and weekdays. Each class is 2 hours long. Students enrolled in competitive track will ned to attend an additional weekly 2 hours practice session

Why is an assessment required for the programs?

A qualitative assessment helps us understand student’s goals from the program, her/his motivation level, and current proficiency in problem solving and mathematics.

This also helps us identify a suitable class placement for the student and to provide recommendations for future growth and development of the prospective student.

Do the specialized math classes have an accelerator program track?

At the moment, we do not hold accelerator sessions for the specialized math classes.

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