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Random Math Classes

Registration Form

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1. Student Information

2. Parent Information

3. Emergency Contact Information

4. Additional Information

5. Class Selection

6. Class Policies

  1. Class Placement: Class placements would be strictly based on the student's current knowledge, commitment and priorities. Student's current math level will be assessed. The assessment data of other students will not be shared with the parents. Registration process includes submission of Registration Form and full payment of invoice.
  2. Competitive track: Students in competitive track will meet twice every week - once for a two hour class and once for a two hour practice session.
  3. Class Timing: We will place your child based on the assessment. Please try to be flexible to allow us to find the most appropriate class for your child.
  4. Waiting list: We may have to place your child in the waitlist if we are unable to find spots in the most appropriate class. There may be open slots in other classrooms, but we want your child and his/her classmates to have best learning experience. At this point, wait period can be anywhere between 0-60 days.
  5. Fee: Random Math tuition fee for the 17 classes, both regular and competitive track is provided above. The Early Bird discount ends on April 30th 2024.
  6. Refund: Parents who wish to discontinue from Random Math before the end of the current session would need to provide a written advance notice. The tuition paid would be prorated at $120 for each class and $75 for each practice session attended and the balance for the remaining classes would be refunded for the student.
    The refund for any withdrawals before classes begin will be in full minus an administrative fee of $100.
  7. "Taking a break" Policy: We do not have a break policy. Parents who wish to take a break would need to follow the refund process and discontinue from Random Math. Upon return, the student would need to go through an assessment and registration process followed by joining the waitlist if spots are full at the time.
  8. Make up Policy: Students are expected to attend all classes and inform at least one week in advance of any absence. Random Math would provide one make up class for every eight classes held. There is no refund for missed classes even if the student has not been provided a make up class.
  9. Canceled classes: If a class is canceled due to any reason and a student is unable to attend the rescheduled class, then prorated amount would be refunded at the end of the session.
  10. Registration: There is no registration fee for students who were enrolled into Random Math classes in Spring 2024. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student for new students.

7. Acknowledgement of Terms

  • Random Math Camp is a fee-for-service program based on confirmed enrollments and secured deposits. In order to reserve your child(ren)’s spot, full payment must be received for each child and session you are registering for. Student(s) would need to take an assessment before placement can be confirmed.
  • Parent or Guardian - You will be required to review and sign the registration form on the first day of the session.
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