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Random Math - Advanced Math Competition Training

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Our Math Journey Through The Years

The boundless potential in youth

From a young age, Manish trained his son Nilay to excel in math. At the age of two, Nilay learned basic counting; by five he was fluent in basic algebra and reciting multiplication tables by heart. At the age of six, he was already learning simple trigonometry.

When Nilay was in second grade, he met Amol, another student who was also interested in mathematics. Manish decided to teach them math and puzzles together; Nilay and Amol became both classmates and good friends.

Random Math Advanced Math Training

Competitive math and MOEMs

One day at the library, a MOEMs problems book caught the two students' attention. They had never participated in MOEMs or any competitive math, but they were fascinated by  the problems in that book.

After solving a number of the problems, Nilay and Amol were absolutely set on participating in an actual MOEMs competition. Driven by this interest, they formed their own MOEMs chapter and competed in their first ever math contest.

Growing Demand For Math Classes

To increase the competition for the two students, Manish and his wife Stuti decided to open up math classes to any interested students from Nilay's school. After over 20 students joined, they opted to move classes from their home to a nearby hotel conference room.

Initial classes included specific coaching for MOEMs, but more generally focused on problem solving and mathematics fundamentals. Classes were generally relaxed and offered occasional breaks to maximize learning.

Initial competitive success

The students' success in MOEMs showed Manish how students develop when approaching math from a competitive perspective.

When he integrated the approach of tackling math from both problem solving and competitive perspectives into his coaching, the students excelled, winning first place in almost every competition they attended.

Random Math organized their own regional Silicon Valley Math Tournament, and the massive turnout showed Manish the large number of eager, motivated and smart students in the greater community.

Random Math Inc. - Competitive Math Training

In 2015, Manish officially founded Random Math. The incredible interest he had observed from students across the area motivated him to design the organization around learning math fundamentals through the lens of problem solving and competition.

Random Math soon became a force to reckon with in every contest they competed in, including the Pi Math Contest (PMC), the Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT), and MOEMS.

Continued growth and expansion

Over the past years, Random Math has seen a tremendous growth in students and student success. As of 2020, Random Math has fourth graders excelling in the AMC 8, fifth graders qualifying for AIME, and 10 USAJMO qualifiers.

Random Math strives to provide the highest quality of education and to invest fully in each of their students. With the state of the organization today, the future is nothing short of bright.

Here’s What We Do - Advanced Math Competition Training

We Currently Run These Math Training Programs Online and In-Person

We recommend the programs to our students based on the math assessment. Our different math programs run year round and are available online and in-person at our locations.

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Competitive Math Programs

Problem Solving,  Co-Opetition and Integrated Approach

"Random” Math signifies the importance of problem solving skills. We encourage our students to win as a team.  We provide flexibility in our program to support students as they explore math.

Our Math Competition Achievements

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Our team

Our Board of Directors and Advisors

Abhay Gupta Board of Directors Member
Abhay Gupta
Board of Directors Member
Abhay Gupta is one of the three board members of Random Math, Inc.

Abhay Gupta is very invested in mathematics and mathematics education and is excited for the growth potential of Random Math, Inc.
Ravi Srinivasan Board of Directors Member
Ravi Srinivasan
Board of Directors Member
Ravi engages in the Random Math community as both a board member and a parent. His daughter has been a long-time student at Random Math and has made considerable progress. He is excited to see the Random Math family grow.
Dr. Niraj Choudhary Board of Directors Member
Dr. Niraj Choudhary
Board of Directors Member
Dr. Niraj Choudhary is one of the three members of the board of directors at Random Math. Currently located in Texas, he has been integral to Random Math's continued expansion into Texas and other southern states.

Our Management

Random Math is led by passionate individuals.
Stuti Dubey - CEO Random Math
Stuti Dubey
Founder, CEO
  • Stuti Dubey is the CEO and co-founder of Random Math.

    She holds a bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology and has previously worked in the industry for several years as an engineer.

    In her spare time, Stuti enjoys reading, traveling, and playing board games with her family.

Manish Mishra - COO Random Math
Manish Mishra
Founder, COO, Coach
  • Manish coaches students at Random Math. He is also a co-founder and COO of  Random Math.
  • He holds an MBA from University of Michigan: Steven M. Ross School of Business and a Bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology. Before joining Random Math, Manish advised clients in preparing for acquisition integration and carve-outs.

    In his spare time, Manish enjoys gardening and spending time with family.
Monika Singh - Director of Cupertino Random Math Location
Monika Singh
Center Director
  • Monika is the Center Director for the Cupertino location of Random Math. She has a degree in human resource management from San Jose State University and has been working at Random Math since 2018.
  • She loves the professional and family-oriented culture at Random Math, which helps her maintain a healthy work-life balance. Monika ensures smooth and timely communication, administrative, and HR functions of the organization.
  • In her spare time, she volunteers, reads, hikes with her family, and listens to stories on podcasts that have a human connection.
Simrit Dhanjal
Simrit Dhanjal
Director of Technology
  • Simrit is a student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing her bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computer Science, along with a minor in computational finance.
  • She was among the first batch of Random Math's students and has now been coaching since the summer of 2020. She was also lead programmer in constructing Random Math's current website.
  • Her other interests include dancing on her college's competitive team and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Our Faculty

Random Math faculty is very well qualified and passionate to teach!


Random Math's coaches are highly-qualified, passionate individuals who aim to empower our students with mathematical prowess.
Manish Mishra
Manish Mishra is the co-founder of Random Math and has acted as a coach and COO since its founding. He has taught nearly every subject at Random Math and keeps up-to-date with each student's progress.
Stuti Dubey
Stuti is the co-founder of Random Math and has acted as a coach and CEO since its founding. She invests in understanding students' needs at Random Math and enjoys working with younger students.
Pranav Sriram
Pranav graduated from Stanford with a B.S. and M.S. in computer science with an AI concentration. He attended India’s equivalent of MOP twice and placed 8th in India’s IMO Team Selection Tests. He wrote a book on combinatorics now widely used around the world for USA(J)MO.
Quinn Greicius
Quinn recently graduated from Stanford University. He is interested in algebraic geometry and algebraic topology, and has done research on Galois representations arising from abelian varieties. In his free time, Quinn enjoys playing soccer.
Eve Zoebisch
Dr. Eve Zoebisch has a passion for teaching has been teaching chemistry and math since 2017.  She has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. She uses her experience in academics, companies, and in research labs to help her students develop their talents.
Amy Kanne
Amy recently graduated from Stanford University with an interest in complexity theory, information theory, and combinatorics. Outside of school, she plays Dungeons and Dragons with friends and studies Japanese.
Nick Hirning
Nick has served as a teaching assistant for various Stanford technology courses and taught competitive math, physics, and computer science to high schoolers through Random Math and other organizations.

Assistant Coaches

Random Math's assistant coaches attend top college institutions and have strong math backgrounds.
Simrit Dhanjal
Simrit Dhanjal
Carnegie Mellon University
Simrit is a student at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing a degree in computer science. As part of Random Math's very first batch of students, she has enjoyed passing on what she learned to new batches of students.
Ana Catarina Romo
Ana Catarina Romo
Wharton School of Business
Ana is a student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated as valedictorian of her high school and is now pursuing a double concentration in finance and actuarial science, with a minor in math.
Carmen Gutierrez
Carmen Gutierrez
Stanford University
Carmen is a junior studying physics and computer science at Stanford. During her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, surfing, and painting, and she loves sharing her passion for physics with the students at Random Math.
Gaurav Datta
UC Berkeley - EECS
Past Coach
Gaurav is a student at UC Berkeley studying computer science and electrical engineering. He is interested in mathematics for its applications to engineering and computing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar.
Shyl Lamba
Past Coach
Shyl is a student at UCLA studying Applied Mathematics. He enjoys teaching the motivated students at Random Math.

Teaching Assistants

Random Math's teaching assistant team is comprised of our past and currently high-achieving students.
Amol Rama
2x USAJMO Qualifier
Amol Rama is a junior at Monta Vista High School. He has qualified for USAJMO twice and has been a TA for the last three years. He has participated in Science Olympiad for the past five years, making 2 national appearances. He was also co-captain in 2019-2020.
Riya Gupta
4x AIME Qualifier
Riya is a junior at The Harker School. She joined Random Math 6 years ago and has enjoyed being a TA for the last 2 years. She is a 4-time AIME qualifier and was awarded top girl at the Northern California MATHCOUNTS State Competition.
Sean O
3x AIME Qualifier
Sean is a high school junior. He has qualified for AIME three times and enjoys teaching others.
Ashvin Loghashankar
3x AIME Qualifier
Ashvin is a senior at Cupertino High School. He has won awards in several math competitions since elementary school and has qualified for AIME three times. Outside of math, he enjoys public speaking, debate, and robotics.
Sohum Phadke
2x AIME Qualifier
Sohum is a junior at Homestead High School. In 2020, he qualified for the AIME and received perfect scores in the Math Olympiad and Noetic Math Contest. Sohum firmly believes it is his obligation to inspire the next generation of math stars!
Shreya Majumdar
2x AIME Qualifier
Shreya is a 2-time AIME qualifier and Math Prize for Girls invitee. She placed 10th nationally in Math Kangaroo, was a finalist in the International Math Modeling Competition, and placed third in the state-level CyberPatriot coding competition.
Kavan Doctor
USAJMO Qualifier
Past TA
Kavan is a junior at Adrian Wilcox High School. He is a two time AIME qualifier and a USA(J)MO qualifier. Kavan loves math, programming, and teaching. In his spare time, he likes to read books, do CTF’s, and play chess.
Ayush Agarwal
USAJMO Qualifier
Past TA
Ayush is a student at Henry M. Gunn High School. He is a two-time AIME qualifier and a USAJMO qualifier. He loves teaching math, coding and doing debate. In his free time he likes to read and play sports such as football and basketball.
Stuti Agarwal
3x AIME Qualifier
Stuti is a junior at Saratoga High School. She is a 3-time AIME qualifier, a 2-time Math Prize for Girls invitee, a 3-time distinguished honor roll winner for AMC 8, and has placed in the MATHCOUNTS state and chapter competitions.
David Zheng
USAMO Qualifier
Past TA
David graduated from Lynbrook High School in 2020 and now attends UCLA to study electrical engineering. He has qualified for AIME since 2016, and in 2019, he qualified for USAMO. Apart from teaching math, he enjoys a bit of programming.
Nidhi Maithihalli
3x AIME Qualifier
Past TA
Nidhi is a junior at Saratoga High School. As a programming and math enthusiast, she is excited to teach these topics to others to give back to the community that taught her. In her free time, she enjoys robotics and playing the piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this math program for?

This program is suitable for students in grades 3 to 12. Younger students are encouraged to apply if they are sufficiently mathematically advanced.

This program is not recommended for students struggling in math. However, we are happy to recommend resources suitable for your child based on his/her assessment.

When and where are the classes held?

The classes are currently held online and at the Random Math's Cupertino location: 21580 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite #106.

The classes are held on weekends and weekdays. Each class is 2 hours long. Students enrolled in competitive courses will need to attend an additional weekly 2-hour practice session

What are all the math programs offered?

We offer programs in competitive math, specialized math programs, summer camps, and an accelerator program. For more information, check out our Programs page.

How can I sign up for a math program?

All new students must take an assessment to place into their desired program(s). Check out our Programs page to see which program is best for your child. Click a "Register Now" button to either register for the program or sign up for an assessment.

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