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Take an assessment to learn more about your child's skills! Our assessment provides you with a report on how your child is doing and recommendations on how you can help them achieve their goals.

Does your child want
to compete?

Assessments allow you to see how your child is doing compared to students who compete in contests like the AMC or HMMT. If you've never competed before or you are interested in taking your skills to the next level, this report is perfect for assessing your progress.

Ready for
advanced math?

Is your child ahead of his or her grade level in math? Each assessment provides you with recommendations on how you can appropriately challenge your child to take strides in advanced mathematics.

Improve and excel
at academics

Assessments allow your child to identify their weaknesses and find resources and programs to improve them. Take an initial assessment below to help your child take the next step.

AIME 2024 Problems and Solutions are available on our AIME page

Each assessment is
personalized for you

Each assessment report is adapted based on what is most relevant for you and your child. Recommendations are provided accordingly.

Track your progress relative to peers and competitors

Learn more about how your child is doing among their peers and the students who are competing in math contests around the country. We aggregate extensive data from public sources and from Random Math's history to provide you with an accurate representation of your child's skill level.

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Get ready to dive into
advanced mathematics

We recommend appropriate advanced math classes for students who are prepared and looking forward to diving deeper. For extraordinarily advanced students, recommendations may extend as far as college-level topics.

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Leap ahead at school

Does your child want a new challenge because they're bored by their school's math classes? Our assessment can help you know how to take the next step. Our programs cater towards students from second grade through high school.

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Random Math students perform at an elite level

Our students are highly skilled and have been excelling in various competitions. See how your child's performance compares to that of our students!

The assessment process

Here are the steps to get an assessment for your child.

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Register for the assessment now. Click the button below and select the desired date.

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Take the Assessment

Take the assessment test online on the selected date. Keep your webcam turned on!

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Get Your Detailed Report

Your child’s scores will be sent immediately and a detailed report would be made available shortly thereafter (within 7 business days) for a fee of $25.

Please send an email to to request a detailed report for your child.

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Frequently Asked

Why is an assessment required?

A qualitative assessment helps us understand student’s goals from the program, her/his motivation level, and current proficiency in problem solving and mathematics.

This also helps us identify a suitable class placement for the student and to provide recommendations for future growth and development of the prospective student.

Should my child study for the assessment?

Studying for assessments is not required. However, if your child is rusty in particular subjects, we would encourage brushing up prior to the exam.

While assessments are used to recommend appropriate programs and resources, every student in a Random Math program will be continuously evaluated based on multiple metrics to ensure they are being challenged.

What is the format of the assessment?

The assessment will be a 3-hour, closed-note exam, taken either in-person or online via Zoom. For online assessments, students will be supplied with the exam electronically and asked to keep their video on for the entirety of the assessment.

How do I change the date for which I registered?

Please contact us at to change the date for which you have registered.

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