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AMC 10 Festival

Our newest program to guarantee your child's
success for the 2023 AMC 10 exam

AMC 10 Festival Kick off:
Oct 15th @2:00 pm

Festival package includes:

Exam concepts' review

8 full length mock exams - first 3 exams free!

Discussion sessions

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Random Math Assessment


Required to join Random Math. Assess your child's skill level and receive specific course and topic recommendations.

Assessments are online with a duration of 30 minutes.
Random Math Programs


Online summer programs, competitive math, specialized math classes, accelerator, etc. View all programs below.

Programs are available to join online and in-person.
Random Math Resources


Take advantage of resources by reading about best practices on our blog, or have your questions answered on our forum.

These resources are free and open to all users.
Random Math Bookstore


We sell and rent books on all math topics, both online and at our locations.

Our books are handpicked for specific purposes.
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Our programs are available online and in-person

We recommend programs that match your child's needs based on assessment results.
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What's our approach?

We focus on problem solving, co-opetition, and a strong integration of STEM topics.

We believe problem solving is key for strong STEM students

All Random Math programs place importance on developing problem solving skills. Our students leverage mathematics as a tool and internalize a diverse set of approaches.

We foster a culture of competition and collaboration

While our students are competitive, they learn to be great teammates as well.

To win as a team, students must help each other understand concepts and solve problems.

Our students' develop a passion to teach others that manifests during and after our classes.

We treat math topics as part of a comprehensive curriculum.

We give students personalized course recommendations, and provide flexibility to support a diversity of skill levels and experiences.

Students from different grade levels can be in the same class if they are on the same skill level.

Parents like our programs

Here's what people have to say about what our approach.

Check out what parents say about our approach

My son has been attending Random Math for 3 yrs.... It is the gist of Random Math to maintain the family-vibe with the personal care, which was the reason I chose [Random Math] in the first place. Last week, when I asked my son if he'd want to re-enroll next year, he said 'Why do you even ask? Of course!'

For years, my son has benefited not only from the top-notch teacher instruction but also from class discussion (he enjoys the environment where the class can teach one another, dealing with challenging problems – and in my opinion, other math schools weren't this successful). It is not hard to see the devotion and the passion that they put for students at Random Math. The record shows.
My son showed signs of doing well in Math when Random Math was referred to us by a friend a couple of years ago. In the past 2 years, Random Math has helped him tremendously to sharpen his skills, increase his exposure and understanding of many new mathematical concepts, prepared him for competitions and in general guided him for the next steps in middle and high school. Manish and Stuti take personal interest in each individual kid and motivate them to be diligent and persistent in their math practices. I highly recommend this institute and rate them 5 out of 5.
My kid joined September of last year. The most important thing he gets from Random Math is the motivation to learn math, and the friends he has from the class. The school offers lesson track, as well as the competition practice track. My kid loves both, and doesn't feel bored spending hours to attend the class and to finish the homework.

My kid became part of the (math) family..., and enjoys learning all the math concepts, math tricks. The school also added a few activity centers, and kids love to play air-hockey after practice sessions.
Random Math focuses on building skills to be winners in competitions.... Students are expected to work hard, and always challenged to keep raising their bar higher.

My son joined Random Math in one of the lowest levels less than 2 years ago, and has gradually worked his way up to one of the top levels at this time. Being part of the competitive environment has not only helped him see extreme improvement in his math skills, but it has helped change his learning perspective from “being told to do it” to “I am doing it because I want to do it”. He has also improved his team work and collaboration skills tremendously and has learned to be an effective team player.... Strongly recommended.
Random Math is a great find for our daughter.

She has been going to Random Math for couple of years. We really like friendly and family-like environment at Random Math, good coaching approach, and great commitment from coaches.... The overall ecosystem and environment at Random Math really inspired our daughter develop great passion in math, and more importantly self motivation to work independently and excel in math competitions. Random Math is a great place for learning and excellence in competitive math tournaments
My kids have been going to Random Math for several years - it has certainly proved helpful and has got the kids motivated about competitive math. Having multiple levels of classes keeps the kids challenged and yet does not overwhelm them. Having the curriculum oriented towards various competitions is helpful since it provides a goal for students to aim for. I am very appreciative of the extra mile both Manish and Stuti go to prepare the kids for various events which certainly proves rewarding. The results of students at Random Math has steadily been improving over the last few years and I am confident that it will be the case going forward, too.
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Parents like our programs

Here's what people have to say about what our approach.

Our students excel at competitions

Our students participate in contests around the country and regularly achieve new milestones along the way!
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To understand where your child stands and what program is good for them, we need to conduct an assessment.
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After the assessment, we will suggest the appropriate programs to match your child’s needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for students in grades 3 to 12. Younger students are encouraged to apply if they are sufficiently mathematically advanced.

This program is not recommended for students struggling in math. However, we are happy to recommend resources suitable for your child based on his/her assessment.

When and where are the classes held?

The classes are currently held online to ensure everyone's safety during the pandemic.

When our locations reopen, classes will be held online and at Random Math's Cupertino location: 21580 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite #106.

The classes are held on weekends and weekdays. Each class is 2 hours long. Students enrolled in competitive courses will need to attend an additional weekly 2-hour practice session.

Why is an assessment required?

Assessments help us create appropriate goals for each student and better understand their motivation level and current proficiency in problem solving and mathematics.

This also helps us identify a suitable class placement for the student and provide recommendations for future growth and development.

How do I change the date for which I registered?

Please contact us at to change the date for which you have registered.

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