Camp Omega: Algebra

At Camp Omega, students will explore mathematical ideas focused on Algebra.



They will be exposed to a wide range of new mathematical knowledge and a deeper level of understanding in a collaborative environment. The curriculum is designed to include problems from various prestigious national and international math contests. The students will attend lectures, learn problem solving techniques, and work creatively and enthusiastically to tackle challenging problems.

Dates: June 15 - June 26 [2 weeks].


  • Level 1 :
    • Algebraic Expressions
    • Multi-step Linear Equations, Word Problems
    • Exponents
    • Percentages
    • Ratio and Proportional Reasoning
    • Radical Expressions
  • Level 2 :
    • Multivariable Equations
    • Exponential Equation/Function
    • Polynomials
    • Special Factorizations
    • Quadratic Expressions and Equations
    • Proportional Reasoning
  • Level 3 :
    • Work and Rate
    • Polynomials and Functions
    • Finding Roots of Polynomials
    • Vieta's for Quadratic and Cubic Equations
    • Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem etc.
    • Linear Equations involving Radicals
    • Sequences and Series
  • Level 4 :
    • Intermediate Topics in Polynomials and Functions
    • Polynomials - Rational Root Theorem
    • Conic Sections
    • Conic Sections
    • Advanced concepts in Sequences
    • Intermediate Inequality - Review of Trivial Inequalities, RMS-AM-GM-HM Inequalities
    • Logarithms
    • Complex Numbers
  • Level 5 :
    • Review of level 4 Concepts
    • Advanced problems solving using Logarithms, Complex Numbers and Polynomials
    • Advanced Inequality - Cauchy's Inequality, Some frequently used theorems, Maximization and Minimization
    • Vectors and Matrices, Cross Products and Determinants
    • Functional Equations


  • Campers will be grouped based on assessments into five different levels before the start of the camp and may be moved from one to the other based on their progress during the camp.
  • The concepts will be covered at different depth based on the student's comfort level.​


  • $1200 for full day session (2 weeks)
  • $800 for half day session (1st half - Algebra - 2 weeks)
  • $800 for half day session (2nd half - Contest Preparation - 2 weeks)

Discount Policy

  • The discounts are only applicable in the tuition fee for regular classes and accelerator program (practice sessions) till December 2020
  • 10% discount in monthly tuition fee & accelerator program
  • Discount starts on 1st of the month after receipt of full payment (e.g. full payment received on February 15, discount starts on March 1st
  • Discount ends in the month of December 2020

Refund Policy

  • 80% of camp fee paid (discounts provided would also be deducted)