Homework Guidelines


  • Develop thinking skills
  • Internalize contents covered in class
  • Think ahead for upcoming contents in the next class

What to expect?

  • Some of the questions may be open ended; some may be really difficult; while others are meant for general practice purpose. Due to this, kids will often find part of the homework very challenging.
  • At times, the homework will be mixed with problem solving questions not relevant to the contents covered, puzzles, logical and critical thinking questions.
  • We keep the classes flexible with respect to contents and deviate at times while answering some intriguing questions. We believe in moving at a fast pace when students are comfortable and slowing down when the majority feels they need more time. Therefore, the homework is prepared after the classes are over and is available 24-48 hours after the classes.

Our Recommendations

Most often than not, a student's learning varies in the proportion of effort in the class as well as on their homework. Some of our recommendations that may help maximize the student's growth in the program are:

  • Students are advised to complete and submit the homework every week at least 24 hours in advance as per the instructions. This allows us to process the information and customize our course structure for their next class.
  • We advise parents NOT to help their kids with Random Math homework as it may negatively impact the student's overall learning process. We understand that some of the students may not be able to solve challenging questions.
  • We advise parents to encourage their kids to spend a good amount of time thinking over the problem while trying various ways to solve them.